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Ardmore In July

Thursday last I headed off with Kieran in beautiful sunshine to Ring, Old Parish and Ardmore. What a beautiful spin! We cycled hard uphill to the top of Old Parish (K. in big ring all the way…what’s he trying to prove?), even stronger downhill into a very strong headwind to Ardmore, before deciding to back off a little bit on the 4 mile section back up to N25. The spin home was really good, as we had a lovely fresh tailwind! Boy, am I so glad that I’m off the smokes!

My downhill confidence is sky high for the past number of months, all because I finally went to Cycle Superstore in Tallaght and was measured & fitted. These computers can do magic…bike was adjusted accordingly, and I’ve never looked back. Max coming down the Sweep was 42mph, and I loved the “wind in my hair”. Just fabulous.

MPH 16.4 Rating: Excellent.


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