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No Wheat Today

No wheat today. Breakfast for me was a banana and a wonderful gluten-free cereal bar with milk. It was tasty and packed with nuts that I love. I had ordered it during the week, and now will get lots of them!

Great bike spin to Ballyduff, Tallow and Camphire Bridge in the afternoon with Kieran. We had a stiff wind against us for the first hour, but really enjoyed it after that! Wonderful spin home. We used the big ring most of the way, and it was just lovely.

Even had some energy left to do the shopping…got a gluten-free bread that I had ordered from Nude Food and it looks good. The local Garvey’s supermarket also has a good selection of gluten-free stuff: lemon biscuits, Australian muesli and bars…looking fwd to trying them out.

Dinner was good-quality steak burgers with our own garden spuds with salad. A feast…


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