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Dungarvan To South Africa: A Swallow’s Tale

The garden shed has been home to a pair of swallows since early June. At first, they checked it over simply by flying in and out dozens of times every day for about a week. The door is left open at night, and the dogs sleep there. Obviously however, they decided that it was suitable as a summer home. The next step in the process was simply for them to roost there. They selected a good vantage point on the top of a suspended fluorescent light, and stood there for about 3 days. Upon finally deciding to proceed with building a nest, they collected all required materials, and work was completed in about a week. Three eggs have hatched, sometime about the first week of July, and now the three are ready to fly. We have been amazed that they seem quite at ease with us walking (gingerly) in and out at various times of the day and late evening. They sometimes shrink back into the inner coziness and only their little beaks or tails can be seen. Only yesterday, one adventurous little one walked the length of the light and back again. Mam and dad take it in turns (we think) to go get food, and there’s always a noisy chattering on their return with the goodies. It is also quite amazing to watch the adult swoop down and enter the nest, only to depart again about five seconds later and dart in and around garden trees as they forage once again for airborne insects. Nature is quite amazing…and then just think of what’s ahead as these three young swallows accompany their parents abroad to South Africa! Never fear the future, they might say, or even if the fear of the unknown is within, do it anyway. It’s either that or freeze here next winter.

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