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Wheat-Free Eating Week 2

I am now well into my second week without the dreaded wheat, and lo and behold I’m still here! In fact, although it is still much too early to see a definitive change, I am happy to be on my journey. I still have extreme fatigue, and my chronic ear eczema is worsening by the day. However, I console myself by saying that this may be some strange sign that some of the toxins are leaving.
What major eating changes have I started? Certainly, the biggest for me is that I am staying away from the biscuit barrel. In years and months past, we have decided to be very limited in buying biscuits, because when they were there I ate them voraciously. They are still there now, yet I am determined to remain wheat-free, and so the temptation isn’t tempting me. I was guilty also of buying biscuits at times as I looked upon them as a comfort food. In their place now, I have a variety of wheat-free bars. These are very filling, and very tasty too.I’ve also continued to eat more fruit. Certainly an apple and a banana most days…these too have helped me to stay away from the grain-based carbs. In addition I love sultanas and nuts, good healthy alternatives to the biscuits. Meat? Well, only today, I cooked mackerel while Sarah had breaded chicken. It was no big deal. I suppose it will be necessary for me to just be a bit more discerning in planning meals. Last weekend, I had smoked herring and very tasty it was too.
I have sourced several wheat-free items, especially gravy mix, pasta and pasta sauce. So, all in all, exciting times! My blood test results are due on Tuesday but I feel that I have made a very good start even before getting them. I am curious to know what other foods will show up on my no-list, and how easy / difficult it will be for me to adapt. Above all, however, I am going into this whole-heartedly and am determined to embrace change. Look forward to change, even love it!

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