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Don’t You Just Hate It When…?

The cyclist’s enemy is the wind. Not rain, or cold….wind is the number one enemy. It can make a pleasant day very hard work on a bike. And today, it was gusting aplenty. Kieran & I cycled into a very stiff headwind to Lismore and on to Ballyduff. We had pushed on hard all the way, in the certain knowledge that we would be blown home with a terrific tailwind. But the wind was listening! As soon as we turned on the road back to Lismore we noticed that the wind too had turned. Not quite a headwind, mind you, but certainly not behind us. Even with a wind coming over a shoulder, slightly behind can be of benefit, but this time it was very much across us and even slightly coming at us all the way.
Pace was 17.3mph for 46.5 miles, so we were indeed tired at the finish. Big ring all the way. Legs feeling strong. Stretched for a while after finishing. Napped for a while after showering.

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