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Garden Heaven

A garden is a place of rest, a managed miniature of the beauty of this world, a place to return to whenever that beauty fails to shine in my life. This year, our major project outstripped all that we have created for many a year as we built our long-awaited garden room. Completed in April, it enabled us to re-landscape by the end of May so it is now returning naturally to its former state.

Garden 2010

Garden 2010: A place to sit and look, or sip a red wine.

A place to sit and look, or sip a red wine. This year also we placed several bird-feeders. This was a wonderful decision and now various species of birds come to share it all with us. Finally, and unrelated to feeding, a pair of swallows had nested in the wooden shed. I have attempted to photograph them with their brood of four, but succeed only in frightening the little ones to fly before they are ready. Better it seems to sit and watch rather than to attempt again to get too close.

Wine? Oh yes please!

Winter 2010. Building in progress.

Thought I’d add this, taken back in late January.


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