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Mount Juliet: Long Drive…But Pampering Ahead!

Today was wonderful. Isn’t it nice to be able to say that? Good weather, good company, work completed… After checking the building works at school briefly in the morning I was able to nap for a while (that’s another plus!) Lori & I drove to Bray in County Wicklow for her final session of her BHS Level 2 course. Round trip was about 300km but roads are good and traffic was light. We arrived early at 6pm for 7pm start and after I dropped her I headed into Dublin to meet up with M & P for a catch-up. Also met Sarah’s brother there. Good chat about lots of things, returning eventually to bikes and the forthcoming Sean Kelly Tour in two weeks time. P & I are entered for the 160k and Peter is joining us also.
Course finished at 9pm so I took my leave and collected an excited Lori and we arrived home tired just after 11pm. Not to worry, because after a good night rest and a further check at school in the morning, we are off to Mount Juliet for a few days of pampering! Looking forward to these luxuries is almost as good as the experience itself. Had pasta with M & P this evening… first wheat to pass my lips for almost two weeks…well no, actually I lie…I enjoyed some apple tart yesterday!

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