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Acceptable Road Rage?

After a week off the bike resting and relaxing, it was time again to return to my summer training. Lovely it was too! We cycled to Old Parish, and enjoyed a wonderful tailwind down to Ardmore, before heading uphill once more to Tallow and home via Lismore. Easy pace throughout. 60 miles in 3h46. Pace 15.9mph.
What was remarkable today was the number of motorists who displayed sheer anger towards us. It did make us feel very vulnerable, and definitely very annoyed. Why do they do this? It almost seems to be a venting experience for the poor sods. Acceptable road-rage, it seems. However, it makes me all the more determined to take the car number and make a report to Traffic Watch. Usually, by the time we have had a chance to ensure our safety, the offending male has sped off in the distance, and the opportunity is lost.


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