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Broccoli And Sprouts

Got this interesting information today from my nutritionist friend… Hi Pad, you know the reason you have allergies to brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage is because your gut is so damaged right now and these are all sulphur vegetables and right now you don’t have the gut health to digest them but as you heal you will again -possibly in 60 – 90 days if you stay away and then reintroduce them slowly one every week to watch for reaction. I have the protocol for healing the lining of the intestines and L glutamine is the star along with flax seeds (ground). The rule of thumb is start with 500mg.of L glutamine in the morning 1 hr before you eat (so it does not compete with other food) and then you either make a gut goo combining flax and L glutamine together as a paste with a little apple sauce first thing in the morn or you could flax on your food at every meal if that works better for you. Just so you know flax oil is not the same as ground flax and it is not recommended for men at all (the oil). L glutamine is food for the lining of the gut and helps repair the villi which has become damaged because of allergies attacking it. Also the mg of L glutamine can be raised to 1000snd as you tolerate it. I hope this was helpful – good health to you.

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