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Very Bold I Was, But It Was GOOD

It’s not easy to write today. Head is sore, I’m severely dehydrated and needing to return to rest after a good (great) night out. Celebrations are an important part of family life; however, gluten-free eating goes out the window. Thankfully, Guinness is not wheat based!

Yesterday, after a long day with the builder at school, I grabbed a double burger with chips. Earlier I had had a chicken salad bread roll. So today will be all about recovery, in more ways than one.

Great fun trying to text the lads earlier this morning. Here’s a sort of loose transcript of some:

Me: Did u keep the used matches? Or are they gone forever? (I ALWAYS do this)

M: Planted a new tree for every one I used on the way home. Gonna call it Maguire & Patterson avenue.

Actually, I have to stop now. I tried a quick copy and paste from my mobile but I can’t get it to the pc screen. Cannot retype without air break every 10 minutes. Thus endeth the texting


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