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After last Sunday’s 100 mile bike-spin, this week was appropriately devoted to rest. Well, rest from the bike anyway! We completed our extensive school renovation at 8pm on Tuesday just in time for Wednesday kick-off. We had a TERRIFIC reaction from all pupils and parents. Many in the local community also came in for a look and were impressed! Three days of teaching went very smoothly, and then the weekend again!

School renovations complete

I did cycle to school and back on Thursday, and my legs were HEAVY. I was quite surprised. Today, we had a beautifully-paced spin to Bunmahon, where I turned to Kilmac and Mahon Bridge with a first-timer. Just over 35 miles, at an easy 14mph pace. Slept soundly for the afternoon, and missed the All Ireland hurling final. Tipperary beat 4-in-a-row Kilkenny by 4-17 to 1-18. The five-in-a-row dream (Drive for 5) proved impossible. I’m delighted for many many Tipp fans, including Mam and Tim, Eddie and others. Their first title in nine years.

Kilkenny V. Tipperary


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