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Christmas 2010 In Dungarvan

Christmas 2010: Having had about three weeks of arctic weather, the thaw set in on Stephen’s Day here. And very welcome it was too. This year was our first without Sarah’s mam and her brother. He had been marooned in Dublin and made the journey south only on December 28th.
Then, having had a really lazy week, I returned to the bike on Wednesday 28th and cycled to Ardmore in a slight drizzle. Good spin, good pace. 35 miles in 2h 15m; just over 16mph average. Today, Thursday, three of us set off to Bunmahon and on to Kill against a stiff wind. This route is tough even without wind, and by the time we reached the N25 to return to Dungarvan, my legs were shot. Afterwards I napped soundly for over two hours. Miles this week: about 75, and we plan a spin at lunchtime on Saturday to top it off.
The Farm Gate
Addendum: There is a wonderful restaurant in Midleton called The Farm Gate. Thoroughly good food in a lovely setting. We had been there about ten days ago. On the subject of fine food, also worth a mention is Crewe’s in Dungarvan where we had our school Christmas lunch, and not forgetting our favourite Nude Food on O’Connell Street. I can remember a time when Dungarvan was badly served by good places to eat. No longer, thankfully.

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