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Shared Computing By HCS Business Solutions

December 2010 brought another leap forward for us in Stradbally when we had much-needed new technology delivered. In place of our four standalone computers in the Senior classes, HCS Business Solutions Waterford advised us and implemented newer technology to meet our needs. A 64-bit Windows 7 server installed has brought us to the next level, and in addition to the four class laptops, we are now in a position to deliver to a greater extent on our policy of integrating ICT into the class curriculum.
Next Generation Technology From HCS Business Solutions
We had considered the purchase of additional laptops to add to our current stock. However, although the mobility of laptops is a key factor, the advantages of this solution became apparent immediately.  This machine allows eight users to work simultaneously on various applications, while also being wirelessly connected to our remaining laptops, netbooks, wireless printer and iPad.
We would like to acknowledge the assistance before, during and post-installation from Seán and Steve. Pupils have seen their PC-time increase dramatically on a daily basis, and we are in a position now to link our delivery of the Primary Curriculum to resources that enhance pupils’ learning experience.
A good range of school software is of course essential, and in this regard we are quite fortunate in that we have, over many years, built up a bank of quality titles. In addition, our Parents Association have committed to fund the further costs of new software in 2011.

…Taken from my School Blog. School Blog is published by pupils under supervision. This article, however, is my own.


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