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The Curious Incident Of The Leg Of Lamb

These things happen, even to good people. We had taken a leg of lamb from the freezer last night and left it on the kitchen countertop to defrost. However, as she left for horseriding early today, Meabh very kindly fed the cat inadvertently. Garage door open. Cat, being a clever creature, could not resist. Plastic packaging proved to be only a minor obstacle. Here’s a transcript of some text conversations between Meabh & myself about an hour later:
Dad: We had a lovely leg of lamb ready for dinner. But now we don’t. You need to eat humble pie when you see mam.
Meabh: Whooooops.. missed breakfast though so I night need the lamb too.
Dad: Mmm…
Meabh: I’m starved.
Kitten Says Thanks For Leg Of Irish Lamb

As I mentioned, these things do happen. Strange thing was that as I came upon the cat nibbling through good Irish lamb, both dogs were sitting looking up at it. Probably wondering why they’ve never been allowed up on the countertop to indulge. Story ends with dogs and cat delighted to be given the joint between them. Now the dogs will likely collude and encourage cat to repeat episode.


Do you have an interesting pet-story?


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