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Spring in Dungarvan

Top of the Vee (Photo: Declan Earley)
What a wonderful weekend! On Saturday I cycled TWICE. We had arranged our usual midday spin, but as I was up and eager to go, I cycled with the faster group to Affane and back with a wonderful tailwind. So, time then for a second breakfast, before leaving again with Kieran. However, as we got two heavy sleety showers, we cycled only to Lismore and home. All in all I had just 55 miles, and was content to rest up for the afternoon.
Sunday morning was beautiful again, and our group of 13 went slowly to Lismore. seven of us decided to climb the Vee, and although sheltered for the first half of the seven-mile climb, we paid for it further up as we pushed into a nasty headwind. Very nasty! Down then to Clogheen, and rolled home via Newcastle, Fourmilewater and Ballymac with a tailwind. 61 miles at 15.4mph average. Topped it all off with roast beef and garden centre visit in the afternoon. Magic!

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