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Smoking is for Idiots

Back jogging. I have once again stopped smoking, hopefully this time for good. I was beginning to find the cycling really hard especially on the hills, so it was time to give them up! I jogged my usual bypass route last week but it took me 47 minutes, about 10 minutes slower than earlier in the year. However, this week I managed it in a time of 43, and I felt good going around. Also, this term I am cycling home from school usually three days a week as Marion drops me down in the mornings. It’s lovely to cycle home after a day’s work!
Friday evening now, beautiful warm fire and a good film…good way to finish a good week.
Managing fine without the cigarettes, and on the one-lap run of the Friary last Tuesday i was able to push hard. felt good to begin to get my breathing back a bit better.

One thought on “Smoking is for Idiots

  1. Hello my friend! I am so happy to see you smoke free and getting the exercise routrine back on track! Kudos!!! Now if you could just send some of that motivation my way…….

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