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The Big Clean Up

Mild damp day, and after watching some TV on iPad on  a morning lie-in, I set to work just before midday.
Job 1: Back shed. Dumped loads, and cleaned & tidied. Made a big difference.
Job 2: Hang bikes on wall in garage. This took a bit longer. Could not find the chuck for the drill. However, RM (renting Madge’s house) loaned me a cordless drill. POS arrived just to say a quick hello mid-job. Lovely chat about mostly my new mountain bike. Then, at about 5pm job done. Turf briquettes moved to other side; three bikes fitted on wall; several half-shelves replacing existing ones; all my bike stuff moved to bike side; Marion will use shelves on other side; big sweep and hoover. (Well, not hoover actually…) Needs to be hoovered. Lots of photos taken, as it likely will not stay as tidy as it is now.

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