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What has Cork to recommend it?

What has Cork to recommend it? Here’s my top three:

1. Con Murphy manshop at the top of Patrick’s Street
2. Scoozi Restaurant on Winthrop Lane
3. Cork Gaol. We think we’ve got it tough? This is an eye-opener

I visited Con Murphy’s recently to make a purchase. I had noticed decent discounts on the window and eventually decided on my new attire. However, when I inquired about the sale price, I was a taken aback to be told that the sale was over! Not to be one to lose a sale, the very obliging gentleman was quick to mend fences as he said “We’ll look after you. I remember you bought a suit here about four years ago.”
In my own mind, I thought that this really is what customer care is all about. In fact, he was being a somewhat generous as well…it was in fact six years ago that I had bought the said suit. He did indeed look after me, and very likely I shall return there in the future.

Two large strawberry pavlova portions @ Restaurant Scoozi

More soon…. must go now to watch Real Madrid attempt to eliminate Manchester United from this year’s Champions League.


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