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Touraneena 5k

Touraneena 5k, Friday 31st May 2014.

In my continuing effort to record my running events this year, here’s my Touraneena 5k report.

Race number 5 in the 2014 Ger Wyley Sports/Skins WWAC Summer Series took place in the beautiful village of Touraneena (duh). The village was beautifully decked out, and a real welcome was afforded to all runners & walkers. The race started at 8pm, in warm close conditions.

The magic of downhill running

The magic of downhill running!

Mile 1: My watch would not start. I must sort out the auto-lock feature, because it’s very annoying. Anyway, got it sorted quickly, and enjoyed (really enjoyed) the initial downhill start to the village. Looking at the photo above, you can see how much everyone loves this downhill section. From here, we were faced with a slight uphill drag all the way to the Clonmel road Yes, whatever goes down must go up! So my plan was to take it handy and save myself for the flat section later. Time: 8:46. Good. (Actually approx. 9:00 taking into account not starting watch at the start)

Mile 2: just a short section uphill, and then I stayed at comfortable pace just for about 30 seconds, before pushing on hard. I was happy to have a runner about 20 metres ahead, and I closed the gap and sat in behind for a little while. I did this three or four times. After passing the highest point, I stayed at a strong pace and finished the second mile in 8:03.

Mile 3: Downhill. However, I was careful not to push too hard, because of the horrible hill near the finish. What I did not realise when I was driving out earlier was that there is a completely flat section at 2.5 miles, and I needed to keep an eye on several even-pacers ahead in order to stay focused on a good strong pace. Turning back down to the village, I was delighted to have a bit in the legs to pass three others who had passed me earlier. Knowing that there was a real sting-in-the-tail just after crossing O’Keefe’s Bridge at 200 metres from the finish, I readied myself for some suffering! Time: 7:51

Last .1 mile: I shortened my stride to baby steps, and pushed really hard. Again, passing two runners gave me a real focus to stay going, and I sprinted to the finish from about 100 metres. Looking back now, I think I eased up on the sprint before the line, and I will hopefully watch not to do that in future races. Time: 23 seconds

Also, it was a pity my watch was auto-recording mile-intervals instead of kilometres for this race, so I’ll have a look at sorting out switching easily between both, and have it ready on the watch before going to a race.

My overall watch time was 25:03 Official clock time was 25:17, which is a PB for me ahead of my 25:46 in Ballinroad back in March. Very very happy with that. Speaking with a very pretty lady (nameless, of course) afterwards, I was given some great words of wisdom. Quote: “You race the first third with your head, the middle third with your legs, and the final third with your heart“. Looking back on it, I reckon that’s just about what I did!

Post-race: strawberries and ice-cream. Plenty refreshments at the Community Centre. Prize-giving and drive home with Ray, Ciara & Tom. Special shout out for Ciara who took a prize for first Junior runner! Good on ya, cousin! home, feet up. Good night’s work. Prepped for open-water swim at Clonea on the following morning.

Updated selfie-gallery here.

Link to WWAC results here.

Great local link here.



Question: How (when, where?) was your most recent 5k event?


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