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Plan A

There’s no run this week. None last week either. I’m feeling a bit like a Garth Brooks fan: ready to rock, but nowhere to go.
However, instead of reviewing a completed event, let me preview instead. I knew that as soon as my triathlon debut was over I would shift focus to the bike because there’s a big agenda coming up in mid-August.
Here’s a list of my planned events:
July 27 Tour of Meath 160k
August 3 Tour de Suir 160k
August 10 Tour of Kildare 110k


August 11 Armagh to Derry 174k
August 12 Derry to Enniskillen 138k
August 13 Enniskillen to Armagh 124k
August 17 Cork to Limerick via Killarney 172k
August 18 Limerick to Cork via Waterford 209k
August 24 Tour of Waterford 160k

In addition to these events, there will be plenty going on in between. I have settled back in with Dungarvan Cycling Club Group 3 on Sunday mornings. Our usual is approx 90k, and this is being added to week by week as we look towards higher mileage needed for selected events.
To get me up to completing several 160k spins, I know what’s needed. I have completed my base weeks, and now I’m ready to up the distance on selected weekly spins to approx 120 / 130k. I will knock back the pace a bit for these longer ones.
Additionally, I will look very carefully at my recovery between long spins. My favourite part of long-distance cycling is the two short spins built in each week at a very very easy recreational pace. There are three rules:
1. There must be coffee and a scone. Maybe even jam!
2. No watching the clock. Watch the ripening wheat instead.
3. Devote a short few minutes to appreciate my health, and to step in the shoes of life’s sad situations. Recently my mind has been flooded with images of Garth Brooks fans. Follow with slight chuckle, and return to rules 1 and 2.

These easy spins are very important. They being real enjoyment, they relax tired muscles and release any lactic acid built up from harder sessions. Ideally, these easy spins will be completed the day after the longer spins. Other factors to be considered: good nutrition, good hydration, recovery sports drinks after long spins, good sleep and some Guinness.
I’ll be sure to update you as my plan progresses…

As you know I am participating in Endurance Challenge 2068, and in order to publicise this event as widely as possible I would really appreciate if you would help spread the word. Here’s a recent update on my fundraising for Breakthrough Cancer Research.

Online or offline. Please consider donating, no matter how big or small.

MyCharity.ie total is €517, and JustGiving total is €325

I did go along to the Kilmac Trail Run last week. It sure is an event with a difference! Have a look at the difference in the picture below…

My plan was to turn the number upside-down if things did not go to well

This surely deserves a separate post? Yes… Watch this space!


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