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A selection of comments received. (Scroll down to add your’s.)

  • Really enjoyed the run, thank you so much for the chat and encouragement! I just gave your charity a small donation it is a great cause. thank you again, keep up the good work you are an inspiration!!
  • Wow…look at you go. I sure am proud! However, that doesn’t surprise me at all Pat. I love reading your blog. You’re an excellent writer
  • Really enjoyed your piece on the triathlon! Hope to give my first one a go next year on the strength of it!!
  • Like your recent post about happiness…. Canaries cycling…. Long time coming to you. I also like your cycling day on your own … savouring it/life?
  • Just reread your blog…. def inspiring for others….
  • Great recap. Every race is personal, not about breaking the tape. Nice photos too!
  • I love this: “It mattered not a tad to us that we were fighting it out for 156th place.” That seems to be me in every race and it’s just as real for those breaking the tape as for those further back!
  • Congratulations on a fine blog and your kind words on our club and county, I’ll post your link on (xxxxxxxxxx) Facebook page, the guys will be really impressed. Keep up the good work and will hopefully see you on the road.
  • Keep up the writing.
  • A pleasure to read, Padraig. I didn’t realise you were blogging. I’ll follow you now, and have a gander back over your previous posts too.


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