Your Event Report?

Would you like to send me a short report of your recent running event?

I’ve been thinking recently. It’s something that happens every now and then! I have received very positive feedback on my recent blogging here on Spring Forward. It occurs to me that there are definitely others out there who are interested in recording their thoughts following an event. I would be very happy to create a GUEST space here on my blog. What would you need to do? Well, I’ve got my way of doing a report, but you’ve got your way! Why not surprise me & my readers? You can contact me via Twitter / Facebook or a message here, or simply email me at address below.

Not sure that you want to? Well, that’s ok. However, I can be reasonably sure that you’ll be delighted if you do decide to take the plunge.

Actually, looking back above: it need not be SHORT. It need not be RECENT.

If it’s an event that I’ve posted about here, I’ll link your’s and mine.

I can think of at least three potential guest reporters! If you are not keen on the idea, but you know someone who might be, just twist his / her arm sufficiently.

Contact me:

Twitter @deburcapadraig




Dungarvan Blog Ramble

Why now? It’s very simple really. Now is my time for change. My eating is making me sick, and my changes will make me better. Isn’t that so simple? Yes, of course it is!

Why here? Not so simple, this one. I’m here, partly because I am unsure where to begin storing my journey. I came across WordPress years ago, but was unsure of its purpose and indeed unsure of my purpose. Blogging for the sake of it seems quite pointless. However, now that my purpose is clear in my mind, I’m here to document my journey. And, who knows where it will lead?

I just read “Who moved my Cheese”. It’s a short little tale, but for me it hit the nail on the head! More later…